What Is The Best Way To Grow Your Prospect List?


There is no magical solution for building a prospect list. A sales management team may be able to help determine the best strategies for their representatives, but when it comes down to it, salespeople need to do the ground work.

Representatives need to realize that the list is not going to grow unless they are proactive in trying to find more clients.

There are a variety of ways with which you can approach the market. You can cold call on the phone, work face-to-face, use networking, attend seminars or executive briefings, use email blasts, newsletters, advertising, SEO, referrals or user groups.

There are many methods for prospecting and lead generation with which to grow your pipeline. I think the secret is to find out which ones work best in your specific industry and with your product or service.

Some people can cover a lot of ground by just getting on the phone, while others are able to go to a specific geographic region and generate a list through a successful face-to-face effort.

People may want to go to an industrial park if their product or service is geared towards manufacturing, and a salesperson may simply make calls all day if they are working with something to sell on a national level.

There is also the use of very specific and targeted ads on Google or Facebook, as this may help to reach a group of prospects that are younger and more tech-savvy.

There are a lot of people who make significant amounts of money using direct-mail postcards as their method for generating sales.

You see a lot of door-to-door campaigns for salespeople in the home alarm sector, but this would likely not work for other products. A representative needs to take some time to find out what type of prospecting is used in their industry, and look into ways to expand their scope of business.

Once you identify the top methods, focus on drilling down deep into how to create a process in the system for the generation of new clients. Find out how to build your prospect list in a way that is both productive and will generate leads that are likely to make a purchase.

A sales management team can work closely with their reps in order to create an efficient system, as they can help to eliminate certain methods based on past experiences.

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