Preparing For Sales Training


After a sales team hires a sales training firm to help with the education of new employees, there are several steps that a sales management team should take to prepare for the meeting.

A company has to have the same philosophy, from the top down. There has to be a sense of cohesion among the salespeople, especially if there are different branches that are located all over the country.

If a sales training firm is going to come in and address a new strategy for a sales team, there has to be support from all parts of the company, especially the team of executives. These leaders can have a profound effect on how influential the training can be for their representatives.

The number one thing a company can do is to get an endorsement from the top down. The executives have to let everyone know that they have searched, they have looked and they are hoping to employ a common methodology to gain a place in the market.

"We have found who we are looking for and we are all in an agreement on the senior level that this is the direction we want to take."

If a company doesn't do that, it is another whimsical flavor of the month for their salespeople during training. You are essentially bringing in a new sales training team once a year and asking representatives to learn completely new methods if this unity is not displayed by executives and a clearly defined plan is not presented.

Representatives will have done this sales training several times with different people over the course of their employment. You are forcing your representatives to unlearn what they did last year, re-learn what they did this year and then incorporate several new strategies.

This type of sales management doesn't work for companies, as the sales training should build on previous learning. This should be an addition to previous teaching and not a completely new set of information.

The new plan should come from as high up as you can go on the executive level. It has to be a true and earnest endorsement from this individual, as the respect that is commanded by the person who dictates the policy will have an impact on its acceptance.

When considering how a company should prepare for a sales training firm to come in and implement a program, I like to look to examples of what has worked from my own experience.

One of my clients decided that they were going to take our company and do the training for the national business, instead of just a singular branch. This was done so that there would be an established, company-wide policy.

They brought me to their annual event that helped to outline the company's plan and was a gathering of all senior leadership within the company. All of the sales VPs came from around the country and the different branches to listen to the next steps for the business.

They had me come in and give the kickoff speech and I got the endorsement of the company's leaders before getting the floor. Everything went smoothly in terms of implementing the new training system and helping everyone get on the same page because I had the backing of the senior leadership.

If a sales training person can come in and present their idea to a unified group of sales leaders, this can help to move the company forward and will help representatives receive the most effective training. 

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