Strategic Sales

Resolution Selling™ for Strategic Sales is geared for your Enterprise sales reps – those who focus on big account selling with complex sales processes and long sales cycles. Selling to major and strategic accounts requires seasoned salespeople who can serve as trusted advisors to your clients and position solutions that benefit their bottom line. Our major accounts and strategic sales training will help them understand who the decision makers and influencers are and how to work through each client’s unique buying process. You’ll find our specialized strategic sales training program is tailored from top to bottom for the unique challenges of major account sales.

Strategic Sales Training for Major Accounts

Customized Major Accounts and Strategic Sales Assessments

Our Sales Champion Battery™ sales assessment test helps sales managers hire, develop and sustain a winning sales team to handle your major strategic accounts. We measure key attributes and selling skills, interpret the results and help you use them for maximum impact. Members of your team will have a clear view of the strengths they can reinforce and weaknesses they need to overcome.

Customized Major Accounts and Strategic Sales Training

We tailor our Resolution Selling™ sales training program for Major Accounts and Strategic Sales to the specific demands such as developing ideal customer profiles, targeting strategies, building customer demand, gaining depth and breadth in the account and developing differential strategies that separate them from your competitors. This multi-day, live sales training program is filled with interactive role plays, round table problem solving and live feedback. We are focused on preparing your major accounts and strategic sales reps to grow you market and shareholder value.

Customized Major Accounts and Strategic Sales Coaching

Resolution Selling™ for Strategic Account Sales include post-training online sales coaching and reinforcement to help your team members internalize what they’ve learned and turn new skills into lifelong habits. We have seasoned sales coaches that have decades of real-worlds experience in the field of major account and strategic selling to coach your sales reps to peak performance.

Customized Major Accounts and Strategic Sales Accountability Measures

We believe it’s imperative to closely measure and monitor the effectiveness of major accounts and strategic sales managers. To help your sales management team maximize the ROI of your training dollars, we provide you with reports and surveys that help you monitor participation and progress. You will also be able to better determine where additional reinforcement and sales training is needed.

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I was an instant believer, especially after reading Blueprint of a Sales Champion. Barrett (Riddleberger) and his team are consummate professionals who do their homework and give good, professional guidance. Our production has soared by nearly 35 percent, and we’ve eliminated the extreme peaks and valleys we were experiencing before.

National Product Sales Manager, Calyx Software

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