Sales Training

Resolution Systems offers comprehensive sales training tailored for the salespeople who are vital to your organization. Our sales training is based on our “flex-model” Resolution Selling™ training programs:

  • Resolution Selling™ for TeleSales
  • Resolution Selling™ for Outside Sales
  • Resolution Selling™ for Major Account Sales
Whether you have call center reps or major account reps, we have tailor our sales training to accommodate the different requirements and environments for each type of sales role. We use case studies, role-playing and problem-solving techniques to ground each course in the specific demands of the job. Salespeople learn to think more strategically, prospect more effectively, and sell solutions that target their clients’ most pressing issues after completing our sale training.

Resolution Selling

Resolution Selling™ Sales Training Program

The “flex-model” Resolution Selling™ sales training programs help your sales teams drive more sales at greater margins – consistently. It is relevant to the challenges your team faces every day– from qualifying a prospect to closing a sale. Case studies, role-playing and problem-solving techniques are used to ground each training course in the specific demands of the job. Learn more about Resolution Selling™ Sales Training Program.

Phone and Telesales Training

Phone and TeleSales

Resolution Selling™ for TeleSales is our flagship program for call center sales reps. Effective telesales agents need more than just a pleasing voice. They need to be able to move from pure order takers to consultative sales professionals who can maximize each call so the can quickly qualify a prospect, build credibility and trust, offer solutions and close more sales at higher margins. It’s a specialized arena where Resolution Selling™ can quickly pay off. Learn more about our phone and telesales training.

Outside Sales Training

Outside Sales

Resolution Selling™ for Outside Sales helps your outside sales team build the specific capabilities they need to improve performance. Our outside sales training program enables you to understand what the attributes of a top salesperson in your industry are and the best way to help them succeed. Learn more about our outside sales training program.

Strategic Sales Training

Major Accounts and Strategic Sales

Resolution Selling™ for Major Accounts and Strategic Sales develops seasoned salespeople who can serve as trusted advisors to your clients and position solutions that benefit their bottom line. We will help them develop effective targeting strategies, how to navigate complex accounts and bring more value to the decision makers and influencers. In addition, they will learn how to work through each client’s unique buying process. You’ll find our specialized major account and strategic sales training program is tailored from top to bottom for the unique challenges of major account sales. Learn more about major account and strategic sales training.

Online Sales Training and Coaching

Online Training and Coaching

Each Resolution Systems training course includes comprehensive online sales training and coaching for long-term reinforcement that helps your team turn new skills into lifelong work habits. We begin immediately after the coursework ends and follow each individual closely over time. More about Online Sales Training and Coaching

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We have used Resolution Systems sales assessments for almost every person we have considered hiring for the past three years. Your help and coaching have made a huge difference in the quality of our sales associates. In fact, your tools were instrumental in helping our office achieve the #1 Office Internationally in the Coldwell Banker system…Countless hours, money and effort have been saved by following your advice. I cannot recommend your services strongly enough.

Executive Vice President, Coldwell Banker

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