Sales Training FAQs

Resolution Systems offers comprehensive sales training especially designed for sales managers. We teach them how to hire and coach sales champions, build momentum and sustain progress through challenging times. Your sales managers will walk away inspired, educated and equipped with the specific tools they need to hit the ground running.

Why should I select Resolution Selling™ sales training for my team?

Here are three of the many compelling reasons to select our Resolution Selling™ training programs:

  1. A Sales Process Easy to Learn and Apply- Resolution Selling™ sales training program delivers the best of both worlds. On the one hand, it is easy to understand and to apply for quick results. But it is also rich in methodologies and strategies that empower your team to achieve a competitive advantage and to outsell their competition over the long haul.
  2. Personalized for Each Participant—Our Sales Champion Battery™ sales assessment test is administered beforehand and provides a powerful context for training. It gives us a way to personalize the sales training experience to each individual on your team. Your salespeople see themselves doing the job in a new way that plays to their strengths.
  3. Unique Prospecting Strategy—We teach your team how to qualify leads, prospect with purpose and leverage cold calls. They will have better access to decision-makers and will be better positioned in the mind of the buyer.

How long is the “live” training?

The length of training depends on your needs and on the specific sales roles we’re training.

  • Strategic Sales/Major Accounts/Enterprise Sales—Resolution Selling™ for large account sales roles is a 2-day to 3-day program, depending on the level of customization and the number of case studies and role-playing sessions we include.
  • Outside Sales—Resolution Selling™ for general outside sales roles is typically is 2 to 2½ days long.
  • Inside Sales—Programs for your inside sales team range from a ½ day to 2 days in length. While some clients prefer the “live” training class for inside sales, others prefer that we deliver training via our SalesChampionUniversity.com for greater flexibility in timing so that they can maintain phone coverage.

Where are classes held?

We can deliver training at your headquarters, in a hotel or conference center, or at your field locations across the country or around the world. We also conduct training at our own headquarters in our Greensboro, NC.

What materials will attendees receive?

Typically our courses include a Sales Champion Battery assessment (completed before the live training), an Resolution Selling™ manual, reinforcing audiotapes (available for download to your iPhone, Blackberry, iPod, etc), hand-selected “personal development” audios (also available for download), reproducible forms to support the prospecting and sales process (downloadable from SalesChampionUniversity.com), and coaching materials.

Is there any follow-up to the training?

Yes, we believe follow-up is critical. We include a series of coaching sessions to reinforce classroom concepts, change sales behaviors and improve performance. Typically we coach sales reps from 12 weeks to 50 weeks after the live training ends. This “immersion” is the best way to create the performance improvements you’re looking for. (See Sales Coaching to learn more.)

Is your training industry-specific?

Yes. We believe effective training must reflect your company and the world your salespeople work in. We invest time up front to get to know your business, territory, sales roles, customers, products, services, market conditions and more. Then we develop seamless training and coaching programs to meet your needs. Your team won’t have to make a “mental leap” during training to connect with the material we present.

Can I measure the effectiveness of your training?

Yes. The specific measures will be driven by your objectives, which we discuss right up front. Common metrics include: decreased turnover, increased sales, increased margins, increased transaction size, new markets or accounts penetrated, increased customer retention, increased contract renewals, growth in “up sales” and increased referrals.

Why do I need a professional training firm?

Professional sales trainers, sales coaches, sales consultants and educational experts are experienced in curriculum design and know how to train and motivate your team for transformational change and peak performance. They are experts in their field, just as you are an expert in yours.

Is this just another rah-rah program or does it really improve sales performance?

While we are confident your salespeople will be motivated when they leave our program, it won’t be a fleeting emotion. Instead they will be charged up because they have a plan, know what to do with it and can implement it immediately for quick results. Our programs are highly engaging and interactive, but they are also on-target to your specific developmental objectives.

After training and coaching from Resolution Systems, members of eCornell’s retail sales team experienced an 86% year-over-year growth in revenues. “They are on fire and have moved every bar you can move. So many other training and development firms drop in with an energized speaker, tell your team what to do and then are out of there. But Resolution Systems offered us more than a cheerleading exercise. They had a complete, step-by-step process that began with assessments and included both training and follow-up. We found other firms with pieces of what we needed, but no one else could provide us with the whole thing.

VP of Human Resources, Cornell University’s eCornell

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