Barrett Riddleberger, Founder and CEO

Barrett Riddleberger

Barrett founded Resolution Systems Inc. to help sales executives grow revenues, exploit new opportunities, turn around problem teams and eliminate common frustrations. During one of the toughest economies on record, he helped a Fortune 1000 client realize a 30% increase in revenue per transaction…a division-wide sales team go from 58% to 102% of annual quota …and a new sales manager get off to a fast start with a 35% increase in production in only weeks.

Barrett also owns Resolution Productions Inc., a multimedia company founded to create custom, Internet-based training. His Web-based SalesChampionUniversity.com is now used by two of the top three telecommunications firms in the nation to dramatically reduce training costs – without compromising outcomes.

Barrett is certified both in behavior analysis and values analysis – skills he uses to help his clients hire sales champions who are a great fit for their business. His theories about what it takes to excel at sales were formed early on. As a high school athlete, he was coached by the famed John McKissick, the most winning football coach in the history of the game. That experience gave him an up-close look at important life principles and at what it takes to build a winning team. After earning a BA in Communications from UNCG, he landed a job in sales and began to put those life lessons into action.

To share his experiences with others, Barrett wrote “Blueprint of a Sales Champion: How to Recruit, Refine, and Retain Top Sales Performers.” He travels the globe to deliver keynote addresses and gets high marks for his credibility, charisma and conviction.

Originally from Charleston, S.C., Barrett now lives in Greensboro, N.C., with his wife, daughter and two sons.


The value of Resolution Selling™ surpassed other sales training initiatives we have executed. What distinguished it were the upfront efforts you made to understand the nature of our business and our selling cycles and the time spent with our General Sales Managers to customize the printed and A/V materials to our company, products, services and client base.

Vice President, Sales & Marketing, The Babcock & Wilcox Company

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