Sales Manager Promotion Assessments and Evaluation

Have you ever watched a top salesperson crash and burn when rewarded with a sales management promotion? If so, you know why using a sales management assessment and evaluation to promote the right people is one of the most critical decisions you face.

Promotions and Sales Manager AssessmentsThe Resolution Systems Sales Champion Battery™ sales assessment test can help you make promotion decisions that leverage your team’s strengths. Our sales management assessments and Certified Sales Assessment Consultants will help you determine whether your top candidates for a promotion have the underlying skills, behaviors, attributes and motivation to succeed in a new and expanded role.

What’s the payoff? You’ll be able to promote leaders who can take your team to a new level of performance, while protecting your talent investment.

Our sales coaching and reinforcement programs include:

  • Online videos, sales meeting tools and development activities — accessible around the clock via SalesChampionUniversity.com.
  • Live conference calls to discuss how classroom concepts apply to issues and opportunities in the field.
  • Audio CDs and podcasts to shore up critical skills.
  • Sales Meetings On Demand to engage and motivate your team.
  • Email-based surveys to surface issues and promote accountability.

Please contact us for more information about our sales promotions and sales manager assessments.

We have used Resolution Systems sales assessments for almost every person we have considered hiring for the past three years. Your help and coaching have made a huge difference in the quality of our sales associates. In fact, your tools were instrumental in helping our office achieve the #1 Office Internationally in the Coldwell Banker system…Countless hours, money and effort have been saved by following your advice. I cannot recommend your services strongly enough.

Executive Vice President, Coldwell Banker

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