What are the Ideal Qualities of a Modern Day Salesperson?


A sales management team needs to have an ideal candidate in mind when trying to hire a salesperson, as research and thorough examinations up-front during hiring can help to limit the resources that are wasted on training people who are out of place in the role.

The sales training process is important for the development of a representative, but there has to be the right foundation for the manager to work off of. If the candidate is someone who is better-suited for another role at the company, this is a waste of time and money for everyone involved.

A sales management team has to look at the specific positions within their sales department and tailor their selection of candidates to the open roles.

If they are looking for a prospector, they will need to find someone who has the ability to handle rejection, objection and negotiation. They will have to have interactive flexibility, as they should be able to get along with a wide variety of folks.

They need to have a very strong tie between who they are today and who they want to become in the future. This means that a strong economic drive is necessary, but not to the point of being greedy.

A strong economic drive needs to take the form of a utilitarian approach to many issues. These representatives should have high energy and effort in order to drive performance. They need to be very individualistic, as they should have a drive for autonomy.

They need to have the capacity to maintain emotional distance from the person that they are in front of during a sale. They have the ability to engage them in a very polite and professional manner, as well as being firm if that is necessary. This person has to display the ability to be constantly engaging for different personality types.

When someone throws something back at them that they do not want to hear, a rep should simply let it roll off their back and maintain the mission.

They have to maintain a healthy and high level of self esteem. This does not mean cockiness or arrogance, but they know who they are and what they are capable of in a given situation. This high level of self awareness is vital for the role.

This individual also has to have the drive for continual improvement. Technology changes so frequently in the modern business world and they have to be well versed in technology and how it’s used. This means understanding its role, not just for their business but also for other people’s businesses.

They need to be able to adapt because technology changes so quickly. A representative has to demonstrate the ability to manage themselves well, and this includes their energy and emotions.

Self management is probably one of the biggest challenges, because there are priorities that exist in different places and a balance needs to be maintained. A busy schedule is no excuse for letting anything fall through the cracks.

Managing all of the tasks that representatives have is extremely difficult. Planning, scheduling and prioritizing on a consistent basis in order to stay ahead is a challenge.

Because of the speed with which businesses run today, and the constantly changing nature of how companies operate, it is extremely important that they have those capacities. The product or service they are selling is a changing variable, and they need to be able to adjust to this change.

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