Sales Management: FAQs

Resolution Systems offers comprehensive programs especially designed for sales management training. We teach them how to hire and coach sales champions, build momentum and sustain progress through challenging times. Your sales managers will walk away inspired, educated and equipped with the specific tools they need to hit the ground running.

What is unique about your Sales Management training?

We help each of your sales managers quickly discover how effective they are (or aren’t) in coaching their team. Powerful role-playing sessions, classroom work and online reinforcement help them discover the true nature of sales coaching and how it applies on the job.

The coaching process we teach is based on the same sales training program, Resolution Selling™, model that underpins our sales training. Using Resolution aligns your sales managers and their team. Managers learn to apply effective coaching principles and to determine why their salespeople succeed or fail to achieve quotas. They discover how to get sales reps to take ownership of their own development and how to create conditions that improve performance.

How long is the Sales Management training program?

Our programs are typically 2½ to 3 days long, depending on your needs.

Where are classes held?

We can deliver training at your headquarters, in a hotel or conference center, or at your field locations across the country or around the world. We also conduct training at our headquarters in Greensboro, NC.

Why do experienced Sales Managers need special training?

Sales management is so critical to sales success that it cannot be overlooked as a training initiative, even if your sales managers are experienced. One example: Many sales managers come from sales and bring their selling philosophies with them. They may or may not know what it means to coach and lead a sales team to breakthrough results. We make certain each of your managers knows the difference between sales management and professional selling. We teach them how to motivate and coach a team and provide them with the resources they need to hire, coach, reinforce and retain sales champions.

Is your training industry-specific?

Yes. We believe effective training must reflect your company and the world your sales managers work in. We invest time up front to get to know your business, territory, sales roles, customers, products, services, market conditions and more. Then we develop seamless training and coaching programs to meet your needs. A few of these are Phone and Telesales, Outside Sales and Strategic Sales and Major Accounts.

Is the training specific to our sales model?

Yes. A sales manager leading a 25-person call center that sells a $100 service is quite different from a sales manager who leads a team of 10 enterprise sales reps scattered across the U.S. – each carrying a $10 million annual quota for capital equipment sales. We tailor our training accordingly.

How can I measure the effectiveness of your training?

The specific measures will be driven by your objectives, which we discuss right up front. Common metrics include: decreased turnover, increased sales, increased margins, increased transaction size, new markets or accounts penetrated, increased customer retention, increased contract renewals, growth in “up sales” and increased referrals.

Why do I need a professional sales training company?

Professional sales trainers, sales coaches, sales consultants and educational experts are experienced in curriculum design and know how to train and motivate your team for transformational change and peak performance. They are experts in their field, just as you are an expert in yours.

Is this just another rah-rah program or does it really improve performance?

While we are confident your sales managers will be motivated when they leave our program, it won’t be a fleeting emotion. Instead they will be charged-up because they have a plan, know what to do with it and can implement it immediately. They will experience quick results and build long-term sustained momentum. Our programs are highly engaging and interactive, but they are also on-target to your specific developmental objectives.

How are your programs different and why should I choose Resolution Systems?

We believe effective training is a process, not an event. So each course is backed by extensive coaching and reinforcement to make certain it “takes.” We also refuse to force-fit a solution. Instead we partner with you to understand your business and your objectives, customize our approach to meet your needs and deliver an end-to-end development solution.

I want to personally thank you for the most effective, ongoing training I have ever received. I am already practicing the methodologies you taught us and have made a conscious effort to understand behavioral styles so I can be a better coach and manager. One of the most direct impacts is that I am now coaching account executives to handle marquis accounts I worked diligently to acquire over the last 2 ½ years. My days of being a control freak are over and my days of being an effective leader, manager and coach are just beginning.

Enterprise Sales Manager, Time Warner Cable Business Class

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