Sales Development Training Program and Assessments

Want to make certain you get the best returns from your sales development training program and assessments investment? Our Certified Sales Assessment and Training Consultants help you use assessment results to do just that. You’ll be able to target your sales development training program efforts in areas where they generate the biggest return.

Sales Development Training Program and AssessmentsBy zeroing in on your team’s strengths and weaknesses, you can help each individual become better-rounded and more productive. Our Sales Champion Battery™ Assessment and sales development training program provides the specific data you need. You’ll benefit from:

  • Improved sales coaching. Your leaders will be equipped to harness each individual’s uniqueness and to create the conditions needed for success.
  • Improved sales development training. You won’t waste time and money teaching something that’s already a strong suit. Instead you’ll be able to focus your sales training in areas where it will deliver the biggest payoff.
  • Improved retention. Ultimately you will be able to help each individual grow and succeed – reducing costly turnover and helping you retain the all-star talent your business needs.

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In the past, our hiring process was ‘hit and miss,’ with no real way to measure a candidate’s ability to perform. In partnering with Resolution Systems, we now have a process for identifying the best sales candidates by evaluating their behaviors, attitudes and values, and selling skills. We also use the General Employment and Management assessments to help us evaluate all levels of candidates, which helps us create a more consistent and reliable hiring process for the entire company. We use the same assessments for existing employees to identify and maximize their strengths, as well as opportunities for career development.

Utilizing Resolution Systems’ exceptional hiring and development process, as well as their philosophy of hiring, we feel we have truly identified the Blueprint of a Sales Champion, which will allow us to hire the right people and take our company to the next level of performance.

Vice President, Human Resources, Bassett Mechanical

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