Sales Assessments

In today’s tough economy, it’s important to get the most out of your people investment through accurate and reliable sales assessments. And best-in-class companies know talent and sales assessment tools can help. Our sales assessments provide the information you need to hire the best talent…reduce turnover…match the right people to the right job…troubleshoot performance problems…promote with confidence…and bring sharper focus to your coaching, development and training initiatives.

Sales Assessments

Sales Champion Battery™

Unlike a simple personality test, our Sales Champion Battery™ measures more than 60 key attributes and selling skills important to how an employee performs on the job. You’ll be able to measure the behavior styles, cognitive attributes and motivators that separate top performers from the rest of the pack and drive better outcomes through accurate sales assessments. Learn more about our sales assessment tests.

Sales Hiring Assessments

Sales Hiring Assessments

Hiring mistakes can be costly. In fact, some studies show that financial losses from turnover can top 150 percent or more of base salary. We help you take the guesswork out of hiring and identify ideal candidates who can take your organization to a new level. Learn about our sales hiring assessments.

Assessments for Improving Sales Performance

Sales Assessments for Improving Performance

Is the top salesperson you promoted into management now struggling with the new responsibility? Do you have salespeople who are just getting by and keeping your team from moving to a higher level? We can help you diagnose the underlying issues and develop interventions that deliver measurable returns. Learn more about improving sales performance through our sales assessments.

Sales Development Assessments

Sales Force Development Assessments

Want to make certain you get the best returns from your training and development investment? Our Certified Assessment Consultants help you use sales assessment results to coach and develop your team. You will be able to target your training and development programs in areas where they generate the biggest return. Learn more about sales development training and assessments.

Sales Benchmarking

Assessments for Sales Benchmarking

Cloning your top performers may be easier than you think. Resolution Systems helps you benchmark the specific skills and capabilities needed to excel in each of your most critical sales positions. You’ll have clarity on the specific attributes needed for breakthrough results. Learn more about our sales benchmarking assessments.

Sales Promotion and Sales Manager Assessments

Assessments for Promotion

Have you ever watched a top salesperson crash and burn when rewarded with a management job? If so, you know why promoting the right people is one of the most critical decisions you face. Learn more about our sales promotion assessments.

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