Sales Champion Battery FAQs

Resolution Systems offers comprehensive sales assessments especially designed for salespeople. We measure the attributes needed to help you hire the best talent, match the right people with the right job, reduce expensive turnover and training costs, improve sales performance and help your managers focus their efforts on the issues that need to be addressed with your salespeople. Our assessments will also provide you with better insights to get the most out of your training, development and coaching initiatives. Please explore the frequently asked questions below and feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

Is the Sales Champion Battery™ just a personality test?

No. The Sales Champion Battery™ sales assessment test is more complete than a personality test. Although we do measure sales personality, we also measure sales motivators, sales mentality and sales skills. You’ll get pages of in-depth sales analysis that personality tests can’t offer. Don’t get fooled again!

Does the Sales Champion Battery™ meet EEOC requirements?

Yes. It meets EEOC validity, reliability and compliance requirements.

Is the Sales Champion Battery™ specific to sales?

Yes. The Sales Champion Battery™ is designed specifically for salespeople. It is not a “one size fits all” solution. Our Certified Assessment Consultants are well-versed in sales organizations and can interpret the results based on each unique sales role. The Sales Champion Battery™ also measures a salesperson’s current sales knowledge of the consultative sales process to determine areas of strength and where development is needed.

What experience does Resolution Systems have in helping companies hire good salespeople?

We have assessed thousands of sales professionals from across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. We also have experience in identifying top performers in a variety of industries and in a variety of unique sales roles, such as: business-to-business sales, business-to-consumer sales, service sales, product sales, transactional sales, complex sales, long sales cycles, short sales cycles, big ticket sales, small ticket sales, face-to-face sales, telephone sales, etc.

Does Resolution Systems offer assessments for positions other than sales?

Yes. In addition to sales, we offer assessments for positions in Executive Management, Sales Management, Operations, Customer Service, General Employment, Technical and many more. We can assess just about any position in your company for hiring and/or development. Learn more

  • Need a new CEO? We can assess your candidates and help you choose the best.
  • Need a new Operations Supervisor? We can help you decide which person to promote.
  • Got a poor-performing Customer Service Rep? We can identify the source of the problem and a solution to fix it.

Is the Sales Champion Battery™ available online?

Yes. Your sales candidates and existing salespeople complete the sales assessment on the Internet. That means you can easily assess salespeople in different cities, regions or countries.

How long does it take to receive the assessment results?

They are available immediately! Each assessment is delivered right to your e-mail inbox in real time – 24/7. Once a portion of the Sales Champion Battery™ is completed, you will receive a PDF file containing the results.

Are there any set-up fees?

No. There is no charge for setting up your online account. Simply complete the set-up form and you are ready to begin using the assessment tool. You are charged only as assessments are completed. We also offer block pricing and license agreements for volume purchases.

Is there a minimum number of assessments I must purchase?

No. There are no minimums and no time limits. You can use as many or as few sales assessments as you need.

Are there restrictions as to when individuals can take the assessment?

No. You can assess anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time. The Sales Champion Battery™ is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere there is Internet access.

Is the assessment process difficult or time-consuming to manage?

No. The Sales Champion Battery™ is extremely easy to use. When you set up your account, we give you a bank of access codes to have on hand so you always have what you need. We also provide a sample email you can use that explains to individuals how to access the assessment. When the results are complete, the last step is to schedule a time to review the results with our Certified Assessment Consultant. As an administrator, you have to do only two things: forward an e-mail to the individual you want to assess and make a phone call to us to discuss the outcome. We do the rest!

What if I need more than one person in my company to receive the results?

We can automatically route the reports to anyone in your organization. Need to include the HR Director, Sales Manager and Recruitment Manager as recipients of your sales candidate’s assessment results? No problem. We’ll include them on the list, and they’ll receive the results instantly as well.

Do I need to enter any data manually?

No. There is no manual data entry required. Everything else is fully automated.

How are the reports formatted?

Reports arrive in Adobe Acrobat as e-mail attachments and are easily printed or forwarded.

Who interprets the assessment results?

All assessment reports are interpreted by a Certified Assessment Consultant. We will walk you through the results, provide feedback and help you make good hiring and developmental decisions. Our Certified Assessment Consultants are experts in the design and use of the Sales Champion Battery™ and can easily explain and interpret the results in relatable terms. In short, we partner with you in your hiring and development process.

Is there an additional charge for interpreting the results?

No. Interpretation is included in the price of our standard assessment package. We consider it a key value of the assessment tool we offer. This one-on-one time provides our Certified Assessment Consultants with an opportunity to better understand your company’s needs and to help you get more out of your assessment investment.

Can Resolution Systems create a custom benchmark of top performers at my company so I can hire sales superstars?

Yes. Many of our clients have us create a custom sales benchmark that provides them with a template for hiring top sales talent. We can develop a “Gold Standard” for sales success for your company, whether you are a small business or a large corporation. Learn more

What if I need a copy of an assessment completed a year or more ago?

We retain copies in our archives for future access. We simply need the name of the person assessed. Contact your Certified Assessment Consultant for more information.

In the past, our hiring process was ‘hit and miss,’ with no real way to measure a candidate’s ability to perform. In partnering with Resolution Systems, we now have a process for identifying the best sales candidates by evaluating their behaviors, attitudes and values, and selling skills. We also use the General Employment and Management assessments to help us evaluate all levels of candidates, which helps us create a more consistent and reliable hiring process for the entire company. We use the same assessments for existing employees to identify and maximize their strengths, as well as opportunities for career development.

Utilizing Resolution Systems’ exceptional hiring and development process, as well as their philosophy of hiring, we feel we have truly identified the Blueprint of a Sales Champion, which will allow us to hire the right people and take our company to the next level of performance.

Vice President, Human Resources, Bassett Mechanical

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