Sales Assessment Test, The Sales Champion Battery™

The Resolution Systems Sales Champion Battery™ is a multifaceted, online sales assessment test and tool that can help you make better hiring decisions, develop and sustain a winning sales team. We measure key attributes and selling skills, interpret the results and help you use them for maximum impact. Our sales assessment test goes deeper than just looking at a salespersons' personality, we can help you understand their driving factors and coaching tactics that will be most effective.

Sales Assessment Test, Sales Champion BatteryUnlike a simple personality test, our sales assessment test measures more than 60 attributes that are important to any sales position. You’ll know whether each team member or potential new-hire has the head for sales, the heart to be a top performer and the specific consultative selling skills needed to succeed on the job.

  • How they sell: Measuring selling behaviors.
  • Why they sell: Measuring motivators that drive performance.
  • Will they sell: Measuring attributes and cognitive characteristics that impact success.
  • Can they sell: Measuring selling skills and knowledge of the selling process.

We marry the speed and efficiency of online sales assessment testing with expert interpretation from our team of Certified Assessment Consultants. These are highly credentialed experts who work with you one-on-one to evaluate sales assessment test results and determine how to use them to benefit your organization.

Sales Assessment Test Chart

Each Resolution Systems sales assessment is EEOC compliant and specifically tailored for sales. There are no minimums, no setup fees and no cumbersome administrative chores involved. You’ll get a comprehensive, electronic report as each sales assessment test is completed online, with copies archived for future reference.

Sales Champion Battery™ Assessments: Our Simple, Hassle-Free Process

  1. Set Up. We establish an account for you on our testing website.
  2. Distribute. You share access codes with the job candidates and employees you want to assess.
  3. Assess. Each individual completes the sales assessment online.
  4. Deliver. We provide real-time results to you via email.
  5. Interpret. Our Certified Assessment Consultants call you to interpret the results and discuss how you can use them to make informed decisions.

Contact us for more information about the Sales Champion Battery™ sales assessment test.

In the past, our hiring process was ‘hit and miss,’ with no real way to measure a candidate’s ability to perform. In partnering with Resolution Systems, we now have a process for identifying the best sales candidates by evaluating their behaviors, attitudes and values, and selling skills. We also use the General Employment and Management assessments to help us evaluate all levels of candidates, which helps us create a more consistent and reliable hiring process for the entire company. We use the same assessments for existing employees to identify and maximize their strengths, as well as opportunities for career development.

Utilizing Resolution Systems’ exceptional hiring and development process, as well as their philosophy of hiring, we feel we have truly identified the Blueprint of a Sales Champion, which will allow us to hire the right people and take our company to the next level of performance.

Vice President, Human Resources, Bassett Mechanical

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