Phone Sales and Telesales Training

Resolution Selling™ for Phone Sales and TeleSales training is geared towards call center reps. Effective telesales agents need more than a pleasing voice. They need to be able to quickly qualify a prospect, build credibility and trust, offer solutions and close sales. It’s a specialized arena where Resolution Selling™ can quickly pay off. Our phone sales and telesales training system provides your team with the tools needed to succeed.

Phone Sales and Telesales Training

Customized Phone Sales and TeleSales Assessments

The Resolution Systems Sales Champion Battery™ sales assessment test can help you hire, develop and sustain a winning telesales team. We utilize our phone sales and telesales assessments to measure key attributes and selling skills, interpret the results and help you use them for maximum impact. Members of your team will have a clear view of strengths they can reinforce and weaknesses they need to overcome.

Customized Phone and TeleSales Training

We tailor our Sales Training Program Resolution Selling™ for TeleSales to the specific demands of the job, delivering both face-to-face and online phone sales and telesales training that can transform your organization. We focus on the types of real-world issues and scenarios that your team encounters each day to help them prospect more effectively and advance the sales process.

Customized TeleSales and Phone Sales Coaching

Resolution Systems phone and telesales training programs include post-training sales coaching and reinforcement to help your team members internalize what they’ve learned and turn new skills into lifelong habits.

Customized TeleSales Accountability Measures

We believe it is imperative that you hold your team members personally accountable for their learning. To help your management team monitor progress and maximize the ROI of your training dollars, we provide you with reports and surveys that help you monitor participation and progress and determine where additional reinforcement is needed.

To find out how our team can help your phone sales and telesales training, contact us.

After training and coaching from Resolution Systems, members of eCornell’s retail sales team experienced an 86% year-over-year growth in revenues. “They are on fire and have moved every bar you can move. So many other training and development firms drop in with an energized speaker, tell your team what to do and then are out of there. But Resolution Systems offered us more than a cheerleading exercise. They had a complete, step-by-step process that began with assessments and included both training and follow-up. We found other firms with pieces of what we needed, but no one else could provide us with the whole thing.

VP of Human Resources, Cornell University’s eCornell

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