Construct A Winning Sales Resume


An increasing number of questions have been directed towards me from people looking to gear their resume towards a job in the sales industry. Although sales hiring is based on a wide range of attributes, dealing with a resume is usually one of the first steps.

You need to have the most relevant things on a resume in order to get the attention of a hiring manager. Although outside activities and college clubs may help in some sectors, the document has to be focused on the associated tasks that a salesperson might need or deem necessary.

If you took part in or had a profound impact on a specific project or had success in a certain area, include this information. Also, general statistics or accolades should be highlighted. These may include an increase in sales, an increase per transaction, an acquisition of more customers, an expanded market or a company taking part in the launching of a new product.

Sales hiring managers are going to look for specific skills within the sector or an overall success in the industry through constantly meeting quota and making sales. Identify and elaborate on tangible sales results. If you have been able to launch a new product and have had success, increase the transaction size or land a large marquee account, put this on a resume.

Talk about your assets and don't be bland about it. Speak to specific skills and highlight how you were able to implement a very specific prospecting strategy, a thoughtful approach to selling or another anecdote relating to a particular method.

Put your credentials down, as you should include all relevant information relating to education, certification and classes that were taken. Specific sales-related activities should also be included.

If a hiring manager is getting massive amounts of people applying for a position and a pile of resumes, keep it short and to the point. If you are sending it to someone you already know, more information is better and an extended piece should be prepared.

The more sales language the better if it is going to be posted online. There has to be keyword-rich terminology and a high keyword density in order to get attention from recruiters that are sifting through a database.

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