Managers Across the U.S. Having Difficulty Hiring Salespeople


Even though the unemployment rate in Palm Beach County, Florida, is more than 12 percent, a number of of managers are having difficulty hiring salespeople.

Marc Mirabella is an executive at Oxford International, a company that deals with technical consultants, and he told the Orlando Sun-Sentinel that he has been looking to hire 20 salespeople but has not met much success.

Barrett Riddleberger, the CEO of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm, said that he has heard about the issue of managers having difficulty finding sales people and that this problem also extends to business-to-business sales, an area of which people are uninformed.

"I believe that the general public is less informed or even unaware of the lucrative career opportunities in business-to-business sales," he said.

Riddleberger said that he believes this lack of awareness arises because of people's potentially negative experiences as buyers in business-to-consumer sales.

However, Riddleberger said that those who are looking for a job may find an excellent career in business-to-business sales.

"With the proper education and sales training, many Americans looking for work could find a better paying job in professional selling than most other careers," he said.

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