About Our Sales Training Company, Resolution Systems Inc.

Resolution Systems is a sales training company and strategic sales consulting firm that helps you build winning sales teams, break through barriers and achieve peak performance. Just ask the Fortune 1000 client who saw a 30% increase in revenue per transaction during one of the toughest economies on record. Or the new sales manager who restructured his team and achieved a 35% increase in production within weeks. As a sales training company, we take pride in helping our clients improve results. To find out how we can help your organization, please contact us.

About Our Sales Training Company

Immediate Improvements in Sales Performance

How does our sales training company drive improved sales performance? Our sales training company offers integrated solutions customized for your business. We benchmark, assess, recommend, train and reinforce – using a practical, adaptable and repeatable methodology that can be implemented rapidly so you see immediate results. You can engage Resolution Systems sales training company as a consultant to your business or select individual solutions from our sales performance suite. The choice is yours.

Building a Championship Sales Culture

Our sales training company is built upon our team of certified assessment counselors, training specialists, coaches and consultants that can help you create or renew a true championship sales culture. We help you hire the right people, train your sales team and its leaders, remove barriers and reinforce productive behaviors. As a result, we are confident we can help your team produce breakthrough results.

  • Increase the size and margin of your sales.
  • Reduce the number of poor hiring decisions.
  • Get the right people in the right jobs.
  • Increase the number of salespeople meeting or exceeding quota.
  • Eliminate the precious time wasted on unqualified buyers.
  • Reduce the headaches and frustrations involved in running a sales team.
Sales Training Methodology

Our Time-Tested Methodology

Our sales training company delivers a comprehensive family of solutions, each grounded in a time-tested methodology easily adapted to your business. That means we can get off to a fast start and help you quickly realize a return on your investment. Learn more

To learn more about how our sales training company can help your organization, please contact us.

In the past, our hiring process was ‘hit and miss,’ with no real way to measure a candidate’s ability to perform. In partnering with Resolution Systems, we now have a process for identifying the best sales candidates by evaluating their behaviors, attitudes and values, and selling skills. We also use the General Employment and Management assessments to help us evaluate all levels of candidates, which helps us create a more consistent and reliable hiring process for the entire company. We use the same assessments for existing employees to identify and maximize their strengths, as well as opportunities for career development.

Utilizing Resolution Systems’ exceptional hiring and development process, as well as their philosophy of hiring, we feel we have truly identified the Blueprint of a Sales Champion, which will allow us to hire the right people and take our company to the next level of performance.

Vice President, Human Resources, Bassett Mechanical

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