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Welcome to Resolution Systems Inc.

Resolution Systems Inc. can help you build a winning team, break through barriers and reach levels of performance that set you apart from the pack. We provide sales assessments, sales training, sales management consulting, sales coaching and benchmarking to reinforce effective techniques that results in a higher performing sales team. We can help you realize both immediate results and changes than can be sustained over the long haul.

Sales Methodology

OUR PROVEN, Time tested Methodology

We deliver a comprehensive family of solutions, each grounded in a time-tested methodology easily adapted to your business. That means we can get off to a fast start and help you quickly realize a return on your investment. Learn more about how we help you get more from your most vital resources:

Resolution Selling

Our Resolution Selling Training program

Our flexible, customer-focused Resolution Selling™ training programs are relevant to the challenges to each level of your sales teams and what they face every day– from qualifying a prospect to closing a sale. Case studies, role-playing and problem-solving techniques are used to ground each training course in the specific demands of the job. Learn more about sales training program Resolution Selling™.

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A Team Approach

We take a holistic, client-focused approach to our work and establish a dedicated team of experts to support you. They help you hire the right people, develop the right capabilities, establish effective processes and solve your most pressing problems. Learn more about our sales training company.


How eCornell Achieved Consistent Sales Growth and Nearly Doubled its Retail Revenues

eCornell is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cornell University – an Ivy League institution with a stellar reputation. Each year the company delivers online learning for professional and executive development to more than 10,000 students in 190+ countries. Working with Resolution Systems, the company’s sales team has achieved consistent improvements in performance – including an 86% year-over-year growth in revenues. Learn More.


Contact us to learn more about how Resolution Systems can help you and your sales team achieve breakthrough results.

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